so this is what i ended up with for the “make your audience angry” assignment

i dont know about ya’ll but that phrase pisses me right the hell off

Side tip: if anyone ever grabs your hair like the above, clamp one hand HARD down on your scalp where the hair is coming out (think of how you try to immobilize your hair when brushing tangles out so it doesn’t hurt as bad, only do so at the scalp and not further down the hair). Then use your other hand to start hitting the other person (go for the face!) and blocking any blows they may try to make with their free hand. You can also step into them (which removes the tension on your hair) and start throwing your knees into their groin, stomach, kick the side of their knee, etc. 

The reason hair-pulling works is A) it HURTS and B) it’s an effective handle, especially because your instinct is going to be to pull away. But reduce the pain and the tension on the hair and you have more room to work with until the other person lets go, at which point you can run like hell or otherwise defend yourself as needed.

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Anonymous asked:
I wantched a documentary last night on sugar babies and was bored and I googled it and found endless and endless pages of your CRAP. You are a a disgrace. Not only are you a whore you are teaching other girls to be sluts to! How do you sleep at night??





literally the most important show you’ll ever watch

This never gets old

Dinner date last night with the #bae. #latepost #BaeIsDanishForPoop

Dinner date last night with the #bae. #latepost #BaeIsDanishForPoop

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